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We calculate the price for derivation services upon request.

Reprogramming of human somatic cells into iPSCs

We use the Sendai virus method to reprogram human skin fibroblasts or peripheral blood mononuclear cells into iPSCs. The service includes:

  • Transduction of cells with Sendai virus
  • Expansion of iPSC lines
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Freezing

Characterization and quality control of iPSCs

We offer the following services to confirm pluripotency and verify the quality of iPSC lines by using cellular and molecular methods:

  • Pluripotency marker expression
  • Embryoid body formation
  • Karyotyping
  • DNA fingerprinting

Provision of iPSC maintenance and differentiation protocols

We provide protocols for iPSCs maintenance (thawing, expansion, freezing) in combination with our reprogramming and characterization services. Further, we share detailed differentiation protocols into various cell types on a collaborative basis.

Provision of established iPSC lines for research projects

We established a biobank of iPSC lines from more than 100 individuals. These lines were derived mainly from patients with various movement disorders as well as from healthy control individuals and can be shared for a dedicated research project on a collaborative basis.

Development of individual differentiation protocols

We offer the set-up of differentiation protocols in the lab based on published methods for individual research projects. This service ranges from consulting on implementing methods to establishing the complete protocol in our laboratory.

Project consulting

We offer consulting on the planning of new research projects that include iPSCs. Further, we provide a platform for collaborative experiments between clinician scientists with in-depth knowledge of specific diseases and cell biologists with the tools to obtain readouts of cell behavior.

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