The Stem Cell Platform (SCP)

at the University of Lübeck provides investigators with cutting-edge stem cell technologies by using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Exploring the Potential of iPSCs for Personalized Medicine and Disease Modeling

Unlocking the Power of Personalized Medicine with Human Disease Models, which can be used to increase our understanding and develop treatments for a wide range of diseases.


We provide a platform for collaborative projects using iPSC technology.


We offer advice on project planning, implementation, and the development of differentiation protocols into specific cell types and organoids.


We serve as a resource for sharing iPSC lines and technology within the University of Lübeck and the broader scientific community.


We offer non-integrating Sendai virus technology for the reprogramming of human somatic cells and subsequent characterization and quality control.


We provide expertise and training to researchers for reprogramming and differentiation into different cell types.

How It Works

iPSCs can be reprogrammed from adult human cells and differentiated into multiple cell types that faithfully recapitulate human genetic context with physiological gene expression levels.

Therefore, this technology has enormous potential to create biologically relevant human disease models that can be used to study disease mechanisms as well as for drug screening approaches and the development of personalized treatment strategies.

Publications on iPSCs

SCP researchers have long-standing expertise in iPSC technology and specialized in using human iPSCs to model diseases.

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